Automated manufacturing equipment

To check the speed and efficiency of automation equipment, it is important to know the electrical signals accurately. This is because all manufacturing systems and machines operate through electricity.

Today’s factories are made up of automated equipment instead of human resources and the equipment has become advanced and complex. Therefore, fast electrical signal measurement and high accuracy of current sensors are particularly important factors.

Automation efficiency improvement

To improve the management and production efficiency of complex automated equipment, various parameters (temperature, pressure, etc.) must be monitored and managed. By using J&D’s current sensor, you can check the productivity and reliability of the equipment through accurate current feedback without using various monitoring applications.

The current sensor is usually mounted on a motor drive or control panel in automation equipment. Accurate input current measurements by J&D current sensors enable reliable current feedback, improve the speed of the automation process and the speed, ease of operation and reliability of the equipment, while saving you financially and time.


– Machine and Panel builders

– System integrators / engineering

– Safety operations and personnel protection

– Process control : supervision and automation

   (smelting furnace, electrolysis process, Electro-mechanical installations monitoring…)

– Maintenance operations : condition monitoring

   (Facilities & Infrastructures management, cathodic protection current, drives used to convey materials)

– Energy production and consumption(Site energy sub-metering)

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