The need of Current Transducers in Drive

Most industrial equipment uses drives. Drives play an important role in motor’s speed control, direction change, and protection through processors that control small currents and voltages. As a result, drive efficiency leads to motor efficiency, which is important in industrial energy management. Therefore, current transducers must be able to accurately identify and deliver information about whether the current flowing through the drive is continuously flowing or provided stably without significant fluctuations.

The Advantages of J&D Current Transducers

The J&D JP Series Current Transducers are capable of highly accurate current measurement for both AC and DC signals. In addition, JP Series also varies linearly according to the sensed current and outputs an analog voltage. The JP Series helps ensure that the equipment operates continuously and stably by measuring this reliable current level and continuing to feedback to the drive.


– Lifts

– Escalators

– White Goods

– Cranes

– Wheel Chairs

– Forklifts

– Electric door opening systems

– Robots

– Pumps

– Steel Mills

– Machine tools (Printing paper, textile, plastic)…