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JCXXF/S series

JCXXF/S series

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JCxxF/S series of split-core current transformer offers 100mA/ 333mV at secondary from sensed primary current for metering application. Without using secondary CT inside of meter, it enables one meter to be adopted for various current rating by only changing primary CT so it makes compact meter design and reduces developing cost. Also, over-voltage protection circuit is included to offer safe, fast and cost effective installation.

1A: This ultra compact & light-weight hinged split-core current transformer is designed for installation on branch circuits within the electrical panel with limited-space. This split-core CT is ideal for easy installation without disconnecting cables.

- CE
- UL Listed UL2808 (XOBA) : Pollution Degree: 3 CAT IV, 600 Vac
- UL/EN61010-1(PICQ) : Pollution Degree: 3 CAT IV, 600 Vac
- RoHs Compliant

JC10F-XXX-333mV (PDF)
JC16F-XXX-100mA (PDF)
JC16F-XXX-333mV (PDF)
JC24F-XXX-100mA (PDF)
JC24F-XXX-333mV (PDF)
JC36S-XXX-333mV (PDF)

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