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JSxxFL / SL / NL series

JSxxFL / SL / NL series

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This ultra compact & light-weight hinged split-core current transformer is designed for installation on branch circuits within the electrical panel with limited-space.
This split-core CT is ideal for easy installation without disconnecting cables.

- CE
- UL Listed UL2808 (XOBA) : Pollution Degree: 3 CAT IV, 600 Vac
- UL/EN61010-1(PICQ) : Pollution Degree: 3 CAT IV, 600 Vac
- RoHs Compliant


: JSxxFL

JS10FL-XXX-333mV (PDF)
JS16FL-XXX-100mA (PDF)
JS16FL-XXX-333mV (PDF)
JS24FL-XXX-100mA (PDF)
JS24FL-XXX-333mV (PDF)
: JSxxSL
JS24SL-XXX-100mA (PDF)
JS24SL-XXX-333mV (PDF)
JS36SL-XXX-100mA (PDF)
JS36SL-XXX-333mV (PDF)
: JSxxNL
JS10NL-XXX-333mV (PDF)
JS16NL-XXX-100mA (PDF)
JS16NL-XXX-333mV (PDF)
JS24NL-XXX-100mA (PDF)
JS24NL-XXX-333mV (PDF)
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